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The entire team at Australian Fashion Group are committed to making improvements and taking initiatives to advocate socially responsible business.  We continue to contribute to driving industry change, to be accountable and to encourage our customers to shop with awareness.

Develop and challenge our teams & individuals to flourish, achieve the impossible & enjoy the journey!

AFG SA Offices

Our Adelaide home

Whilst full sustainability is an ambitious venture, we take a realistic approach that focuses on small accumulative actions. Our teams are passionate about our corporate social responsibility and have implemented various initiatives and established partnerships to minimise our carbon footprint and to give back to our communities.




You will thrive in an organisation and team with strong commitment to values but intense organisational agility and swift decision making. You will celebrate the wins, embrace a strong culture of innovation and test & learn.

Love being in Adelaide or are you somewhere else in the world and looking for a Sea Change? Work is a lot easier when you love what you do. Be part of an exciting team that love delivering and contributing to the business of Fashion. Join our international Fashion House of labels, based in Adelaide, as your next career move.

We will work as a team and succeed as a team, smashing our goals and making the AFG House labels & brands synonymous with trusted fashion, quality delivery and on-trend innovation.

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